Mangkang Camp – Day 3

Pertama kalinya ngajar anak SD

Hari ketiga, akan saya coba tulis dalam English, supaya nantinya bisa dibaca sama temen-temen work camp lainnya.

Okay, yesterday we have prepared for today’s activity. We will go to visit SD Mangkang Wetan school, and then playing with local scout (pramuka), and other exciting activities. I have been chosen as the team leader for teaching class 4 with other friends.

Haqqi (me), Laili, Kimura, Yutaro, Celine, and Vuokko was in my team. Of course we are from Indonesia would take care a lot, because the students could not understand english. We started at 8 o’clock. We entered the classroom, and the children were so crowded.

First, we introduced ourself using hangman game to guess our name. Much exciting I thought. Then, we gave an icebreaking with teaching Banana Dance. Want to know how is it? I think I won’t tell you, because it is so embarassing. Haha…

After that, the Japanese (Yutaro and Kimura) taught how to sing Doraemon Song in Japanese. But, they didn’t know how is the Indonesian version sang. So we wrote the lyric on the blackboard (yeah, still using blackboard) and we taught them slowly.

We were running out of idea. But I managed to anticipate that situation with teaching the Flags of my friends’ country and its capital city. We gave prize to students who were brave to answer. Fyuh, I was really tired and my voice was lost. I think it is better to teach undergraduate student rather than to teach elementary student like this. But it was really fun!

Because it was Friday, I go to pray Jumatan firstly, and then doing my duty as washing team. Yeah, washing team (in Java: korah-korah) is the most tiring job in the camp. Fortunately, my team had a great teamwork, so it was fun.

After washing, I was really tired, and I was slept during the meeting. We were going to play with local scout from MI Al-Hidayah (elementary school). We prepared 4 games to play. It was really exciting playing with them. Somehow, I recall when I was elementary an junior school, that I was in Scout too.

My friends said that I was a great teacher that can manage the students, but for me it was really tiring. Because I have to be active and sounding a really loud voice. Haha…

During the night, we were sharing about our country. I was really excited about how Japan really is, from what they said. I was really exiting of Switzerland (Swiss) from the tourist guide they brought. I really want to go there. No, not only “want”. I decided! Although I don’t know how, the most important thing is dreaming.

I was reading a book that I brought too, during my freetime there. The book is written by Ippho Santosa, titled “7 Keajaiban Rezeki”. Other participants asked me what is the book, and it was really hard to explain to them. Hehe…

Again, we were really tired because of all activities we had. But, we all said that it was really really fun. I felt the same with them. It was no coincidence that I was there. I was really happy. It will be unforgettable memories.

We were sleeping just like the day before. The Japanese said that they had really good sleeping, without noticing mice and mosquitoes. Hehe..

Still, I wrote this post in the same day as I write previous post. I was still trying to repair my corrupted SD Card that made all photos lost. Hope it will be cleared soon.

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