Hidup Harus Bermakna

Tulisan tengah malam yang baru keposting pagi gara-gara ketiduran..

Hidup harus bermakna..
Tanpa makna akan terasa hampa..
Hampa hanya menyiksa..
Siksa yang penuh lara..

Teman, pernahkah menjalani hidup datar begitu saja? Merasa nyaman? Atau hambar?

Nggak semua orang bisa dengan mudah menemukan makna hidupnya. Begitu juga dengan saya. Perlu waktu sekian tahun untuk jatuh sebelum bangkit kembali. Dari hidup tanpa makna, yang terasa hampa, begitu menyiksa, menjadi hidup yang penuh impian, harapan, tujuan, makna, dan senyuman.

Mangkang Camp – Day 7, 8, 9, 10

Other story about my first work camp

Tuesday, 22nd February, the seventh day in Mangkang. We woke up very early, because we had to go to Kudus City, where the Djarum company is. We were picked by 2 cars from the company. It takes about 2-3 hours from our camp to Djarum Company. We were greeted by the Manager of Public Relational department and 2 Beswan student. Because it was already time to lunch, the Manager treated us to eat soto kudus, one of the delicious dish in Kudus. The difference is soto kudus use buffalo’s meat, not cow’s. It was because of Sunan Kudus really respect about local people who were Hindu.

After that, we went to IPAL (Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah), where the waste from factory would be processed. Then, we went to PPT (Pusat Pembibitan Tanaman), where they are seeding tree or vegetables. We went back to IPAL to meet Beswan with the local children too. Beswan are the students who received scholarship from Djarum company. They are obligated to teach the local children in IPAL. There, I thought I met my soul mate, but because we really had a short time, I could not managed to acquaint with her. But it’s okay, because I still try to reach her with someone’s help. Hehe..

Mangkang Camp – Day 4, 5, 6

Actually, I don’t really remember what I did..

Yeah, it’s been so long since my Mangkang Work Camp. But because I have promised that I would write all my activities (as long as I remember) in this blog, I will do it. Fortunately I wrote my Facebook status during the camp, so I can read it again and then write it in this post.

The fourth day, it was Saturday. In the morning, we visited another school near the camp site, MI Al-Hidayah. MI stands for Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, one kind of Islamic school in elementary grade. Three class grouped in one, so crowded when we were teaching. But my friends said that I could manage the situation. Yeah, actually it was really fun. We taught garbage collection education, separating organic and inorganic garbage.